Initial Consultation- The initial consultation is an hour and a half consultation where you and Camille will sit down together and get to know each other as well as be able to discuss your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health concerns and needs.  We will assess what you feel your priorities are to work on as well as develop a custom treatment plan that fits your needs and desires.


Individual Healing Sessions– A healing session is 45-60 minutes.  In a healing session Camille utilizes all of her knowledge and asks your body what technique will be best for you that day.  She uses her intuition and training to assist you in released trapped emotions, stored traumas and to reduce pain.  She works with all mental and physical problems and is able to uncover your health story of why you may have the problem in the first place. The client may bring any issue or any problem to her attention and she will have a technique to address it.


Ethnobotanical Consultation– In this session you will be able to discuss your concerns and symptoms with Camille and together will develop an herbal plant remedy or treatment.  Remedies can consist of tinctures, salves, teas, supplements, powders, foods and things that you may have to inhale. All remedies are holistic and have been used for 100’s of years by indigenous people around the world.


Ethnobotanical Ceremony– A ceremonial plant/plants are chosen and you are instructed on the healing properties of each plant as well as the benefits and side effects of these powerful plant medicines.  Often Master teacher plants are utilized to open your mind and help you gain deeper insight into yourself as well as heal deep issues on the physical, spiritual and emotional level. These ceremonies vary in length depending on the plants used. A ceremony can last between 2-6 hours. These ceremonies are offered individually as well as for a small group. Music and energy work is also done throughout the ceremony.


Diamond Light Code Activation and Attunement- The diamond light code is the highest frequency and code we can receive at this time in our human form.  It comes from the Diamond Ray of Light and helps us ascend into higher frequencies. These activations and attunements are done in a group setting several times a month.


Group Healing Sessions- Camille offers a monthly group healing session where she tunes into each individual and creates a group healing matrix.  She is then able to intuit the priorities for healing of the entire group.  She uses her knowledge and skills to help release that which is no longer serving the participants for their highest and greatest good.  These are great sessions to attend if you are curious to see what a session may look like and to experience Camille’s healing energy.  These are done on a love offering basis and Ayni, the exchange of energy.  She does not set a price for these powerful group healings.


Soul Retrieval- Soul retrieval is a technique that is needed when your soul has become fractured, fragmented, split or has left or stepped out. Camille assist you in calling back in your soul pieces as well as clearing negative energies, entities and spirits that may be blocking you from being able to become whole again. She will work with the different parts of the personality and soul to help release the trauma, pain and whatever issues they may have so that they are comfortable integrating back in with the person as a whole.  How do you know if your soul is in need of retrieval?  You often feel like something is missing or you’re not complete, there is an emptiness, you may have all of a sudden become very dysfunctional, overly emotional or feel like there is a loss of something but you don’t know what it is.


Trauma Resolution Therapy- This is a very deep therapeutic process where we explore your trauma in a non-invasive way and work with the different aspects or parts of your personality and self.  We talk to each one as if they were a separate person, we learn what they need to heal and then we work with each part.  Please note the goal may not be to integrate each part but to help each part heal and help you function better in your relationships, work, home life and with yourself.  We remove the pain each one holds and as we do this you begin to heal on profound levels. False believes and patterns are released as you heal and as we go through a reconnection process.  Please note this is a very intense therapeutic process that Camille has trained in for many years as a licensed mental health therapist.  Only choose this option if you are ready to resolve your trauma and put in the time and work required to do so.

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