Camille is a very gifted and intuitive healer.  She has always had a thirst for knowledge especially knowledge that can help people heal.  She graduated with her Master’s degree in Social work at the age of 22 and became a mental health therapist.  She specialized in trauma and became one of the few traumatologist in the state of Utah for mental health.  Camille soon learned that the complexities of trauma needed to be addressed on the mind, body, spirit level the ensure recovery.  Her quest for techniques and modalities that would assist her in helping her clients lead her to BodyTalk, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Access Consciousness Bars, AromaTherapy, light wave infusion therapy and developing some of her own techniques.

Camille became fascinated with energy healing and how quickly she was able to release stored traumas and trapped emotion as well as pain from her clients.  In 2015 She felt a call to go to Peru and study plant medicine and shamanism.  She lived in the jungles of Peru and in the Sacred Valley.  While there she was able to befriend several Shipibo shaman/maestros who taught her more of their healing methods and the significance of plants and their spirits as well as their healing properties. While in the Sacred Valley she found another Maestra who taught her more about plants and ethnobotanicals.  She was initiated by the Q’ero Nation to be on the Shamanic path.  During her initiation ceremony she was told she is not to study the liniage of the Q’eros but to travel around the world and learn from different tribes, healers and academia.  Camille continues to travel and find teachers around the world that teach her their healing ways.